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About Us

About Sunrise Floral

A Legacy of Quality and Dedication

Welcome to Sunrise Floral, your locally owned and operated floral wholesaler proudly nestled in the scenic heart of Port Kells, British Columbia. For over three decades, we have been dedicated to serving our customers and community with an array of locally grown floral products, supplying grocery stores across beautiful British Columbia. From vibrant bouquets to exotic potted plants, our offerings encompass both domestic and tropical treasures.

At Sunrise Floral, we prioritize our customers’ experience, aiming to make each interaction one of respect and priority. Our mission is to deliver not only premium-quality floral products but also exceptional service to every company we partner with. Born out of hard work and dedication, Sunrise Floral has set and continues to raise the bar in the floral industry.

Responding to the high demand for our products, Sunrise Floral accepts orders daily, ensuring we meet the unique needs of our customers. While the lifespan of our floral products may be fleeting, our team’s dedication and hustle ensure prompt and secure delivery to their destinations. Every order is personally handled to guarantee that no detail is overlooked, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability in the floral market.

Sunrise Floral Ltd.

A Proud Family Legacy Since 1971

In 1991, Sunrise Floral was established by the visionary founder, and today, it stands as a proud family-owned business led by Paul Leenstra, the second generation of the Leenstra family. The journey, rooted in decades of commitment, has shaped Sunrise Floral into the flourishing enterprise it is today.

Sunrise Floral Ltd.

We're Passionate About What We Do

At Sunrise Floral, passion drives everything we do. Our dedicated team forms the backbone of our success. From the expertise of our sales team to the precision of our shipping and receiving department, the creativity of our bouquet makers, and the support of our small office team — each member plays a vital role in our journey. Together, we weave a story of passion, dedication, and collective success.

Sunrise Floral Ltd.

Partner with Sunrise Floral Today!

If you’re a retailer seeking to enhance your in-store offerings with Sunrise Floral products, you’ve come to the right place. Joining Sunrise Floral is seamless, and by partnering with us, we’ll collaborate to tailor solutions that meet your unique product requirements!

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